Standalone PHP library for easy devices notifications push.

Standalone PHP library for easy devices notifications push.


Standalone PHP library for easy devices message notifications push.

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composer require sly/notification-pusher

This repository uses PSR-0 autoload.
After installation with composer please adjust you autoloading config if needed
or include vendor/autoload.php in your index.php.


  • PHP 5.6+
  • PHP Curl and OpenSSL modules
  • Specific adapters requirements (like APNS certificate, GCM (FCM) API key, etc.)

WARNING Version v3.0 would support only php 7.0+. Please, update your composer config if needed.

Today available adapters

  • APNS (Apple)
  • GCM (Android) and FCM (Android)

Documentation and examples


  • Add new features (custom APNS payloads, GCM and FCM custom options, etc.)
  • Add new adapters (like Blackberry and Windows phones)
  • Write more documentation and examples!
  • Write more tests. (contributions are welcome!)

1.x users

Old version is still available from 1.x branch, with dedicated declared tag.

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