PHP wrapper for command-line fingerprint generator – fpcalc

PHP wrapper for command-line fingerprint generator – fpcalc


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This package is a wrapper for the fpcalc command-line tool.


First you need to get installed fpcalc on your system.


brew install chromaprint


apt-get install libchromaprint-tools

Arch Linux

pacman -Sy chromaprint

Or you can get the latest version from AcoustId site

Than you just need to require this package via Composer

$ composer require mrfeathers/php-fpcalc


Usage is pretty simple. First you create a FpcalcProcess using factory class.

$factory = new FpcalcFactory();
$fpcalcProcess = $factory->create();

Than just call generateFingerPrint with array of file paths (or web stream uri – more info)

$result = $fpcalcProcess->generateFingerPrint(['myfile.mp3']);

//or you can generate fingerprints for more than one file
$result = $fpcalcProcess->generateFingerPrint(['myfile.mp3', 'mysecondfile.mp3']);

//using online stream radio
$result = $fpcalcProcess->generateFingerPrint(['']);

As a result you’ll get output string with generated fingerprint or fingerprints.

You’re able to set some options:

  • format – input format name
  • algorithm – algorithm method (default 2). Available since fpcalc version 1.4.3
  • rate – sample rate of the input
  • channels – number of channels in the input audio
  • length – restricts the duration of the processed input audio (default 120, in seconds)
  • chunk – splits the input audio into chunks of given duration (in seconds)
  • overlap – overlap the chunks slightly to make sure audio on the edge id fingeprinted
  • ts – output UNIX timestamps for chunked results, useful when fingerprinting real-time audio stream
  • raw – output fingerprints in the uncompressed format
  • outputFormat – format of result output. Available: json, text, plain

Sometimes fingerprint generation can be a long process, sou you can set the process timeout using setTimeout method (default is 60 seconds).

Feel free to open an issue in case of bugs or improvement requests!


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