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Responsive OXT neurons were distributed across the entire A-P extent, and multiple stimuli typically activated single neurons. Using a combination of optical, behavioral and genetic approaches in the larval zebrafish, we describe a novel role for hypothalamic oxytocin OXT neurons in the processing of noxious stimuli. USA— Caroline Wee. Neuron 7698—

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    Whole-brain activity mapping onto a zebrafish brain atlas. O Randlett, CL Wee, EA Naumann, O Nnaemeka, D Schoppik, Nature Methods 12 (11), ,​.

    images caroline wee

    Zebrafish neuromodulatory circuits (e.g. oxytocin), pain, social behavior and appetite.​ Cornell & Harvard PIN alum.​ Continuing this work at IMCB in Singapore.

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    Molecular neuroanatomy and chemoarchitecture of the neurosecretory preoptic-hypothalamic area in zebrafish larvae.

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    The severity of acute stress is represented by increased synchronous activity and recruitment of hypothalamic CRH neurons. Close Go to a person's profile. Subjects Neural circuits Sensorimotor processing. Hurley and B.

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    images caroline wee
    Stimulating trigeminal neurons produces predominantly short-latency responses, unlike stimulating OXT-expressing neurons under the same conditions. Article Google Scholar Thank you for visiting nature.

    Find out about Calcitonin receptor neurons in the NTS! Nociceptors: the sensors of the pain pathway.

    RT @EngertLab: Caroline Wee's remarkable story on the two stages of hunger in larval zebrafish has finally come out.

    A beautiful collabora. Caroline Lei Wee's 12 research works with citations and reads, including: Probabilistic Models of Larval Zebrafish Behavior Reveal Structure on Many.

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    Caroline Lei Wee Is a corresponding author Wee, Song et al. show that as larvae become hungry, an area called the caudal hypothalamus.
    Magnocellular vs. Guggiana-Nilo and J. Nature Neuroscience menu. Korn, H.

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    But that's not all: they also exhibit a high level of cooperativeness.

    images caroline wee
    Fish were treated with MTZ from dpf, and their behavior was tested at 8 dpf. Functional organization of preoptic vasotocin and isotocin neurons in the brain of rainbow trout: central and neurohypophysial projections of single neurons.

    Nersesyan, Y.

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