Make internal requests with your Laravel app

Make internal requests with your Laravel app


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Make internal requests against your Laravel application.


composer require matthewbdaly/laravel-internal-requests

What do I want this for?

I’ve used this approach for a mobile app that had offline functionality. Every time it made a change to some data, it needed to be able to store the changes locally. Then, when the app was online again, it needed to send the changes up in a batch so that they could be synced. I created a sync endpoint that used something like this to loop through every request in the batch and process it all in one go. If one failed, I could then catch the exception and persist the unsynced changes in a table in the database so that they could be resolved later without losing the data.

I honestly can’t think of any other situation where you’d want to use this approach, but someone else may.


Type-hint the interface MatthewbdalyLaravelInternalRequestsContractsServicesMakesInternalRequests to retrieve the internal request service. Then use it as follows:

$service->request('POST', '/api/resource', ['content' => 'blah']);

Any one request accepts three arguments:

  • The HTTP verb to use
  • The route to hit
  • The payload (optional)


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