Icecat data fetching class

Icecat data fetching class


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Icecat is a PHP library, that assists you in the following 2 procedures:

  • Fetching data from the Icecat database using basic product information.
  • Parsing this data from the Icecat response, and using them in real life applications.

About Icecat

Icecat is an open catalog, providing free access to thousands of product datasheets.
In extend, when taking a subscription, the amount of accessible datasheets are increased.

There is a list of Icecat sponsor brands.


The library can be installed using composer:

"haringsrob/icecat": "dev-master"


The class library is, in it’s current state easy to be used.


The Icecat class is responsible for parsing the data. It includes a few basic methods, but you can easily create your
own implementation by implementing the IcecatInterface interface.

// Use the class.
use haringsrobIcecatModelResult;

// See IcecatFetcher on how to get data or implement your own way.
$data = $fetcher->getBaseData();

// Initialize.
$icecat = new Result($data);

// Brand name. e.g.: Acer

// Long description of the product.

// Short description.

// The category the product belongs to. e.g.: Notebooks

// Returns maximum 5 images about the product (optional limit).

// Returns key => value array with specifications. e.g: ['cpu' => 'Core I5', 'screensize' => '15.6']

Demo is soon available.


The IcecatFetcher is responsible for fetching the data from the database.

// Use the class.
use haringsrobIcecatModelFetcher;

// Inititialize.
$fetcher = new Fetcher(

// Fetch the actual data.
$data = $fetcher->fetchBaseData();


Drupal module under active development.



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