ČSOB gateway for Omnipay payment processing library

ČSOB gateway for Omnipay payment processing library


ČSOB driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library

Omnipay is a framework agnostic, multi-gateway payment
processing library for PHP 5.3+. This package implements ČSOB Online Payment Gateway support for Omnipay.

ČSOB Online Payment Gateway documentation


Omnipay is installed via Composer. To install, simply add it
to your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "bileto/omnipay-csob": "~0.5"


use OmnipayCsobGatewayFactory;

$publicKey = __DIR__ . '/tests/unit/Sign/assets/mips_iplatebnibrana.csob.cz.pub';
$privateKey = __DIR__ . '/tests/unit/Sign/assets/rsa_A1029DTmM7.key';
$gateway = GatewayFactory::createInstance($publicKey, $privateKey);

try {
    $merchantId = 'A1029DTmM7';
    $orderNo = '12345677';
    $returnUrl = 'http://localhost:8000/gateway-return.php';
    $description = 'Shopping at myStore.com (Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E540, Shipping with PPL)';

    $purchase = new OmnipayCsobPurchase($merchantId, $orderNo, $returnUrl, $description);
        new OmnipayCsobCartItem("Notebook", 1, 1500000, "Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E540..."),
        new OmnipayCsobCartItem("Shipping", 1, 0, "PPL"),

    /** @var OmnipayCsobMessageProcessPaymentResponse $response */
    $response = $gateway->purchase($purchase->toArray())->send();

    // Payment init OK, redirect to the payment gateway
    echo $response->getRedirectUrl();
} catch (Exception $e) {


If you would like to use PLN and HUF currencies, you need to send email to [email protected] with your MerchantIds (sandbox and production). This functionality will be available September 2016.


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